Johan Arwidmark expert inom Windows Server, Windows 8, System Center, MVP
Johan Arwidmark
Shanti Lindström expert inom Security
Shanti Lindström
Fabio Viggiani expert inom Security
Fabio Viggiani
Björn Brolin expert inom Security
Björn Brolin
Henrik Garpenrud expert inom Exchange
Henrik Garpenrud
Johan Blom expert inom Security
Johan Blom
Dave Kawula expert inom System Center, MVP
Dave Kawula
Mikael Nyström expert inom Windows Server, Windows 8, System Center, MVP
Mikael Nyström
Marcus Murray expert inom Security, MVP
Marcus Murray
Tommy Clarke expert inom MVP
Tommy Clarke
Hasain Alshakarti expert inom Security, MVP
Hasain Alshakarti
Kåre Rude Andersen expert inom System Center
Kåre Rude Andersen
Markus Lassfolk expert inom Security
Markus Lassfolk
Kent Agerlund expert inom System Center, MVP
Kent Agerlund
TrueSec - who we are

TrueSec is the leading-edge company in IT-security, infrastructure and secure development in Sweden. A unique initiative in which we have gathered the absolute elite among IT-experts, carefully selected for their extensive knowledge and experience as world-leading consultants. An exceptional mix of outstanding skills!

We offer world-leading consulting services, prime hands-on-training and workshops to help you identify and understand your infrastructure and security problems, thus recommend, develop and implement solutions that work in your environment. All of which complies with highest international standards.

Our corporate culture is characterized by our expert’s passionate commitment and genuine ambition to share their deep knowledge and experiences from the field. For years, TrueSec’s experts have developed and refined tools and methods, based on extensive client assignments. Techniques proven to work in real situations.

Alltogether, we offer you a unique combination of consulting services, profound knowledge and prime IT-training to help you meet your business objectives!  

About TrueSec Inc.
TrueSec Inc. was founded in 2009, and is a subsidary of TrueSec AB, leading-edge Company in IT-security, infrastructure and systems management in Sweden. Visit the Swedish site at


This is the site for TrueSec Inc., a leading-edge company in IT-security, infrastructure and systems management in the U.S. Are you searching for TrueSec AB in Sweden? Visit