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Secure Web Development and Hacking for Developers [3 days]

Learn how hackers attack your environment & to develop secure web applications

A vulnerable web application is the most common entry point that hackers use to compromise entire organizations. As a developer, it is critical to understand how web apps are attacked, and how we can defend our environment.

This hands-on training is developed and presented by Fabio Viggiani, leading web-application and pen test expert. Fabio will bring his experience from penetration tests to prepare you with the right mindset to attack web applications; knowing the opponent's strategies wins half the battle. As the training targets developers, it also includes code reviews, secure coding, hacking, exercises, demos and challenges, keeping the right balance between learning efficiency and fun.

We use ASP.NET MVC for our examples and exercises, but the principles apply to all languages and platforms.

There is no scheduled dates at this moment. Please contact us for more information