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Web application hacking [3 days]

Learn how to identify security holes and hack modern web applications!

Did you know that hackers and cybercriminals out there can compromise your web applications and servers with nothing more than a web browser and a few publically available tools?

This hands-on web hacking training is developed and presented by Fabio Viggiani, leading web application and pen test expert. The training will prepare you with the right mindset to identify potential security holes just by looking at a web application.

You will learn how to identify the vulnerabilities that affect the majority of the web apps today, how to exploit them in order to compromise the web server, and how to expand your influence by compromising the infrastructure behind it and take control of the entire organization.

The training focuses on exercises and challenges based on real-world scenarios. You will start from simple tasks to understand the concepts, and continue with more complex challenges. At the end of the course, you will be able to perform the same attacks that are used to compromise major websites today.

There is no scheduled dates at this moment. Please contact us for more information