Johan Blom expert inom Security
Johan Blom
Hasain Alshakarti expert inom Security, MVP
Hasain Alshakarti
Fabio Viggiani expert inom Security
Fabio Viggiani
Tommy Clarke expert inom MVP
Tommy Clarke
Mikael Nyström expert inom Windows Server, Windows 8, System Center, MVP
Mikael Nyström
Johan Arwidmark expert inom Windows Server, Windows 8, System Center, MVP
Johan Arwidmark
Kåre Rude Andersen expert inom System Center
Kåre Rude Andersen
Shanti Lindström expert inom Security
Shanti Lindström
Björn Brolin expert inom Security
Björn Brolin
Kent Agerlund expert inom System Center, MVP
Kent Agerlund
Markus Lassfolk expert inom Security
Markus Lassfolk
Marcus Murray expert inom Security, MVP
Marcus Murray
TrueSec Tools, Experts: Niklas Goude, Bjorn Brolin, Johannes Gumbel
TrueSec's eminent team of experts continiously develops a wide range of uselful tools to automate processes and create unique features to overlap where other tools fail. Over the years of collected experience from real life scenarios, we have delivered tools lika GSecdump, LSlsass Msvctl, tools that have attracted enormous attention worldwide.
On demand, we develop costumize tools with unique features such as security analysis, monitoring, automation and remote control tailored for your needs and requirements.
Hidden remote controls and monitoring of the clients are only prepared for governments, the military and organizations, tools to be used for legitimate purposes.

Are you interested in our customized tools? 
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Phone: +1 (425) 818 8044